5 Tips for Cleaning Glass Without Streaks

5 Tips for Cleaning Glass Without Streaks

Window cleaning might seem easy enough—just start spraying, wipe away the suds with a cloth and you’re done. Plenty of homeowners think that, at least until they get down to the task and discover it’s not as easy as it seems. Want to make sure you get streak-free results? Here are 5 top tips you’ll want to remember:

Pick the right time

Sunny weather seems like the perfect time to go out there and start cleaning those panes of glass. That’s not exactly right, though. Sunny weather dries the cleaning solution that much faster. That means greater chances of ending up with streaks on your glass panes. Instead, go for cloudy weather conditions. That way, your cleaning solutions can last longer, making it easier the task easier for you.

Buy tools and supplies  

The right tools and supplies make a big difference in your window cleaning efforts. For instance, if you think piles of newspapers and a basin of water is going to get the job done, think again. You’ll want to stock up on no-streak window cleaner supplies and tools. Don’t just get them from anywhere, though. Buy from reputable sites like Fuller to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Use vinegar

Love to Know says using one part white vinegar to one part warm water is the secret to streak-free windows. It’s a technique pros use. However, if you find yourself gagging at the smell of vinegar, you might want to use it only on your outdoor windows. That way, you get streak-free results with none of the smell.

Get cotton swabs

Dirt in hard to reach areas? If your cloths can’t get the dirt out, use a cotton swab or a soft toothbrush to shake the dirt loose, says Top Cleaning Secrets. That should give you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done a thorough job of cleaning your windows.

Do it in one direction

Wipe the suds off the surface horizontally. Then start wiping from top to bottom. Don’t change directions since that could leave marks on your glass panes.

Other reminders

  • Use just enough

Sometimes, the problem might be the result of using too much cleaning solution. If you end up with a cloudy window, with too many streaks, that could be because you used too much cleaning solution. Keep that from happening by following the instructions on how to properly use the cleaning solutions you have. That way, you can prevent cloudy, streak-ridden results.

  • Do your research.

Find out which brands of no streak window cleaner solutions and tools typically work best for cleaning windows and mirrors and get them. This should help ensure zero streaks in your windows when you’re done.

  • Try again

Got awful results? Don’t be afraid to try again. You might not get it right the first time but you could the second or third time you try. With the right cleaning supplies and tools as well as a ton of excellent tips, getting those streak-free windows should be a whole lot easier.