How to Prepare to Get a Job as an Air Hostess and What Are the Necessary Qualifications to Apply for an Airhostess Job?

How to Prepare to Get a Job as an Air Hostess and What Are the Necessary Qualifications to Apply for an Airhostess Job?

Air hostess is one of the high profile jobs in India desired by many women. One can have two benefits of becoming an air hostess: one is that they can travel to different places and the other is that they get paid with a decent package.

If you aspire to become an air hostess, then check out the available air hostess jobs vacancies. Read on to understand how to prepare to get a job as an air hostess and the qualifications required for it.

Qualification to Apply for an Airhostess Job

  • Education: 10+2 is the minimum education level expected from a candidate applying for air hostess job. If you are planning to do a PG in Air Hostess course, then graduation would be the minimum qualification.
  • Age: Candidates in the age group of 17-26 years are preferred by most of the airlines. Most of the Airlines prefer unmarried women over married women.
  • Physical Appearance:An air hostess needs to maintain her physique properly. This profession is all about the physical appearance and behaviour. The candidate applying for the air hostess Job is expected to have a minimum height of 5.2”. They should have the perfect BMI and also attractive physique.
  • Medical Condition: An air hostess must have eye sight of 6/9, and they should not have suffered from any mental illness in the past.

How to Prepare?

Here are few tips that can help you prepare for air hostess interview:

  • Focus on Communication Skills: An air hostess must have a good command over English, and she must be able to handle the queries of passengers in a positive manner.
  • Work for Long Hours: They must be ready to work at any time of the day. They must put in extra efforts if they want to grow in this industry.

  • Maintain Proper Physique: Airlines don’t prefer air hostesses who don’t have proper BMI.In other words,they shouldn’t have over-weight. Good Physique and friendly personality are required to please the passengers on board.
  • Prepare for Competitive Exams:Like other professions, air hostessesalso have competitive exams. Try to clear those exams with a good percentile to land a job in your dream airlines.
  • Certification: A diploma or any other air hostess courses are required to get through the selection process.

With the abovementioned pointers, we hope you would work on your skills and physique to grab a very good opportunity. There are many air hostess jobs vacancies. Go through the requirements and prepare accordingly.