Step by Step Instructions to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

Step by Step Instructions to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

Steps for Proper Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

Usually, your vacuum cleaner doesn’t need much attention; however, it requires simple maintenance in order to keep it working efficiently. It is important that you maintain your vacuum cleaner appropriately as it averts costly replacements and repairs.


Unplug Before Maintenance

Make sure that you unplug your machine before performing the maintenance. A vacuum cleaner that turns on unpredictably may lead to injuries if you are working on it.

Take Care of Vacuum Cord

Make sure not to use extension cords, since they can overheat the motor as well as electrical cords. Do not over run cord with the machine; don’t wrap that around furniture, and avoid pinching in between doors, as it might damage later.

Examine the Bag and Replace It If Necessary

You need to clean the bag regularly. If you see that the bag is filled with almost 1/3rd of dirt, then you need to clean it efficiently. Make sure that the air is passed through after removing dirt and debris. A vacuum cleaner bag full of dirt makes the machine to work harder.

Replacing the Vacuum Bag

You need to replace the vacuum bag, if it is 1/3rd to ½ full. Read the instructions and directions carefully in the manual about how to replace the bag and cleaner. Irrespective of the procedure, make sure that the bag is secured properly with holders and clips.  Few machines come with trays and bins and you need to empty the bag-less models frequently.

Clean Brush Roll

Brush roll is also known as beater bar. You can locate this under the machine. If you see debris like threads and hair, you have to clean it.

Remove bottom plate and this cover may comprise of latches or clips. You might see screws holding.

Lubricate the Bearings Present in the Roll

Try to spin the brush roll with the help of your fingers. See that the roll spins freely. If it doesn’t spin, you need to clean bearings thoroughly, lubricate bearings, and replace the brush if necessary.

Unscrew the caps present on both the sides of brush roll. Remove the debris present around bearings. Before you take bearings out, make sure that you put them back perfectly.

Remove caps on other end. Lubricate the bearings present on other end.  You need to replace bearings properly and replace the end caps.

Examine the belts for signs and replace them if you see that they are worn out. In order to replace the belts, you need to remove the cover plates on bottom and then remove the belt with the help of your fingers. You may find these belts to be very taut. Make sure that you replace the belts every six months depending on the usage. Replace the brush roll after replacing the belts.

Replace Brush Roll

Install the brush roll through belts. Replace the brush rolls in their respective slots. Ensure that the belt is completely over the brush roll as well as drive shaft. Replace cover plates and then reverse the removal process.

Replace and Clean Filters Present On the Vacuum Cleaner

You can see filters present on exhaust air on the new models to catch the particles present on it. Before starting the maintenance, read the manual. Clean and replace the filters periodically if necessary.